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Since the establishment of the Concrete Repair and Waterproofing Division of ABSAR Development Company in the year 1401 H (1981), the effective and efficient customer service is the top amongst our managerial goals. An integrated and carefully selected group of engineers and technicians were assigned to carry out this important goal and translate it into concrete results to our valuable clients. The engineers in particular were providing advises, guidance and adopted the optimal techniques of materials utilization.

They were always present at work sites to ensure correct technical implementation of the job at hand. However, it was felt that better technical services and more effective and efficient ways are to be provide through an independent company, which was accordingly formed in 1414 (H) 1994 and come to be known as ABSAR Concrete Repair and Waterproofing Company.

The newly formed company continued to carry out the great job, the company was famous for it. To ensure the quality of the provided services, the staff was supported by an experienced and highly-qualified technical staff. The scope and level of operations have been expanded to reach all parts of this country. Currently, we can state with full confidence that through our well equipped and manned branches which extend over the major regions of the Kingdom, the company is able and ready to serve its customers at the highest technical level. It is the desire of the company to expand their services Kingdom wide .

We are concentrating to make our company as pioneer in this field and looking for the sophisticated and modernize method in this job. We are trying our best to be specialized in this field. We want to make sure that this message reaches our valuable customers, to stress our deep commitment to serve them in the best possible ways. Eventually, this policy serves our goals of continuing the job we have started and preserved our good reputation in the market place.
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